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bravo betting designs, manufactures and supports an array of equipment used in rubber component manufacturing from mixing to rubber molding and curing.

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    Our Rubber Mixer Group offers tilt style intensive mixers, from 5 to 110 liters, for all types of rubber and plastic compounds.

      Our Hydraulic Press Group manufactures and supports hydraulic presses, from 5 to 3,000 tons, with various platen sizes, for compression, transfer, lamination or vacuum molding. Presses can be equipped with or retrofitted with our Isobar® & Isoplaten® Thermal Solutions and our advanced microprocessor-based recipe and data collection control systems.

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        1. In addition, our Polymer Group produces dewatering and drying screw presses for all types of synthetic rubber and thermoplastic production, upstream of the mixing and molding processes.

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                For more information about the rubber industry and opportunities within, watch “Rubber and Elastomers: Insights from Industry Legends“.

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                                Rubber Mixers

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                                  2. Our tilt-type Techni-Mix rubber mixers mix precise rubber and plastic formulations based on time, temperature or power, giving consistent results, batch to batch.

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                                                  • Thermal Solutions

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                                                      Isobar® heat pipe & Isoplaten® heated platen technology integrates hydraulic press and thermodynamic heated platen technology for high production, profit oriented molding systems.

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                                                                        1. Dewatering Screw Presses

                                                                                      1. bravo betting polymer dewatering screw presses used in the production of synthetic rubber accept feed material in the 40-60% moisture range and dewater the material to the 6-12% range.

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