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bravo betting makes best-in-class hydraulic presses for many sporting goods applications, including these:

      • Golf Balls
      • Tennis Balls
      • Basketballs
      • Athletic Shoes

      bravo betting has provided many solutions to the sporting goods industry. We are an innovative leader and the primary supplier to this industry. Our unique molding presses combined with a variety of automation solutions have allowed us to build partnerships with many of the major manufacturers. From the basic rugged hydraulic press design to various levels of automation, we have satisfied our customer’s needs. Some of the integration we have provided includes loading and unloading systems (manually assisted, or fully robot controlled), shuttle systems, and part eject systems. bravo betting continues to excel as newer processes and materials evolve. Our customers depend on our design team and our equipment to provide optimum solutions to a changing and competitive industry.

    • Contact a bravo betting Sales Engineer for more information about our hydraulic press molding solutions for sporting goods applications.

        bravo betting Oil Laboratory Press

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            This up-acting hydraulic sideplate press was custom engineered for golf ball manufacturing.  The press is part of a multiple press system designed with special low deflection to produce extremely consistent ball size throughout the numerous mold cavities. The presses can be set for variable tonnage from 50 to 678-tons and includes specialized steam heated Isoplatens for uniform temperature distribution and multiple daylights with independent hydraulic control. This specialized hydraulic design allows synchronized motion control of the open, close, and bumps sequences to maintain a similar molding process within each daylight. The press cell system utilizes a central hydraulic system with a common reservoir to reduce floor space. Per the customer’s requirements, the press system also includes two remote control stations and auxiliary mold knock out capability.

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                  1. bravo betting Oil Sideplate Hydraulic Press

                      bravo betting Oil Column Hydraulic Presses
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                                bravo betting Oil Sideplate Hydraulic Presses

                                      bravo betting Oil Turn Key Press

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