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bravo betting Oil Mill leovegas rtp Company and its subsidiaries, including T.H.T. Presses, Inc. (collectively, “bravo betting Oil”) respect and value your privacy. This privacy policy (“Policy”) explains how bravo betting Oil collects, shares, and uses your personal information, and provides you with information about your rights and how to contact bravo betting Oil to exercise those rights.

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      About Us
      If you have any questions about this Policy, data protection at bravo betting Oil, or to exercise your rights as stated under this Policy, you may contact us.

      • The contact information for bravo betting Oil’s corporate headquarters is as follows:
        bravo betting Oil Mill leovegas rtp Company
        1035 West Greene St. P.O. Box 920
        Piqua, OH United States 45356-0920
        Telephone: 1-937-773-3420

              1. Personal Information Collected and bravo betting Oil’s Purpose
                When you visit any bravo betting Oil website, bravo betting Oil webservers may record technical details that allow you to use, or enhance your use of, the website. bravo betting Oil may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about how you use bravo betting Oil’s websites. bravo betting Oil may collect from you through websites or any communication provided to us by you or any other person representing a company that you are affiliated with, or may obtain from third parties, certain personal information, such as your name, your contact information including your e-mail address and telephone number, or details regarding the company you work for or contact us on behalf of.

                      Purpose of Collecting and Processing Personal Information
                      bravo betting Oil may use your personal information for the purpose of processing any request you may have made, or future requests you may make, in order to enhance your or other users’ experiences when interacting with bravo betting Oil, to keep you informed about bravo betting Oil products and services, to evaluate and improve bravo betting Oil’s marketing activities, and to evaluate and improve bravo betting Oil’s business and customer experiences. The processing of your personal information in these contexts qualifies as a legitimate interest under the European Union and European Economic Area’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and is necessary for bravo betting Oil to perform, improve, and market its products and services.

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                            Transferring and Sharing of Personal Information
                            bravo betting Oil may use third parties to provide information technology services that may affect your personal information.  bravo betting Oil may use web analytics tools offered by third party service providers that may use your personal information to generate detailed statistics about the bravo betting Oil websites’ traffic and traffic sources for bravo betting Oil’s legitimate use and benefit. bravo betting Oil may share your contact details with third parties in order to fulfill a request you have made for products, services, or information, to provide certain business or market analysis services, or to perform direct marketing assistance services to bravo betting Oil.

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                            bravo betting Oil takes appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is well protected at all times. When bravo betting Oil uses third parties to provide services that may affect personal information, bravo betting Oil will do so under a data processing agreement that binds service providers to the strict data protection requirements of the GDPR.

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                                    Moreover, your personal information may be transferred to data processors located in countries outside the European Economic Area, specifically the United States.  The transfer of personal information to the United States will be performed in accordance with the principles set forth in the E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield.

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                                      Other than in furtherance of bravo betting Oil’s own legitimate uses, bravo betting Oil will not share your personal information with third parties unless bravo betting Oil has asked and obtained your consent.

                                              Retention Period
                                              bravo betting Oil will retain your personal data information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined herein or as required by law.

                                                      Rights as to the Personal Information
                                                      As to your personal information, you retain several rights that you may exercise at any time, including:

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                                                            • The right to object to the processing of your personal information, which you may exercise by simply contacting us with such request.
                                                            • The right to access your personal information, including access to information about the origin of your personal information and the purpose for its collection.
                                                            • The right to request that the personal information be corrected.
                                                            • The right to request the personal information be blocked, erased, or deleted.
                                                            • The right to demand restrictions on the processing of your personal information.
                                                            • The right to have your personal information transferred to you or to a third party.
                                                            • The right to withdraw your consent at any time, to the extent bravo betting Oil’s use and processing of your personal information required your express consent.
                                                            • The right to contact your designated Data Protection Authority with a complaint. A list and contact information for Data Protection Authorities is available by clicking here:

                                                            Direct Marketing Opt-Out
                                                            If you receive direct marketing communications from bravo betting Oil, you may opt-out by sending an email or by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is provided to you in such communication.

                                                                    Your California Privacy Rights
                                                                    If you are a California resident, California law may provide you with additional rights regarding bravo betting Oil’s use of your personal information. To learn more about your California privacy rights please visit the Privacy Notice for California Residents.

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                                                                  • Updates of this Policy
                                                                    bravo betting Oil will review this Policy regularly and update it whenever necessary. bravo betting Oil will post such changes on its websites.

                                                                    Date of last update: January 2020

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