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bravo betting has been manufacturing cooker/conditioners since 1905 to properly condition oil-bearing materials to the required temperature and moisture content to obtain the maximum amount of oil extraction in the extraction process.

        bravo betting cooker/conditioners utilize heat transfer from steam heated decks to heat the material, and stirrer arms, with bolted hubs, mounted to a vertical shaft to agitate and convey the material through the vessel. Level control is maintained by spouts in each deck. Moisture control is maintained by steam/water injection in the top deck and an external vent pipe with exhaust fan. Our cooker/conditioners include heavy duty man way door assemblies on each deck section with cast iron doors. The doors are supported by davits when open and include packing for a tight seal against the door frames when closed. Unit is supported by a base assembly with support legs complete with horizontal and diagonal leg braces and mounting pads. Includes reducer, main drive motor, drive coupling, reducer mounting plate, motor blocks, motor coupling, and coupling guards.

            • Provides consistent, continuous product heating and conditioning
            • Heavy-duty construction for extended life
            • bravo betting steam decks are designed with proprietary stay-bolt construction which has absolutely no welds at the top plate surface. This prevents weld erosion and leaks common in other designs.
            • Equipped with spouts or gates for level control
            • Vent system with blower for moisture control
            • Minimal floor space required
            • Underneath, right angle speed reducers
            • Condensate removal from bottom of steam decks

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                  Oilseed Cooker Conditioner