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Large Press Features in a Small Package. The bravo betting L-250 Mechanical Screw Press is suitable for full press or prepress use in laboratory, pilot-scale and small-scale vegetable oil extraction applications. The press incorporates many of the design features found on bravo betting’s full-size Achiever Screw Presses. These enhanced features, not typically offered on other screw presses of this size, allow it to deliver superior extraction results and higher quality oil.

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    Contact a bravo betting representative for more information or a quote on our L-250 Laboratory Screw Presses.

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      • Model L-250 Laboratory Screw Presses by bravo betting Oil

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          • Model L-250 Laboratory Screw Press

                bravo betting screw presses have several features which make our screw presses superior to others, including:

                        • The main cage and main shaft include provisions for water cooling, to reduce press operating temperature and reduce heat degradation of the crude oil and press cake. This is especially important in the production of many specialty and organic oils, where heat degradation is particularly undesirable. The main cage and shaft can also be steam heated prior to startup.
                        • Breaker bars in the main cage include lugs which extend over the main shaft assembly collars, to mix the material as it passes through the press and help prevent plugging.
                        • A hydraulically operated cone mechanism at the material discharge can be adjusted “on the fly” to increase or decrease press back pressure and maintain optimal oil extraction rates.
                        • Variable frequency drives on the feed conveyor and press allows precise control of the feed rate into the press and the flow rate through the press. Speed adjustments are made via a controller and LED display.
                        • Crude oil collects in a tapered oil trough in the base of the press main frame. In standard form, the oil drains by gravity to a discharge port for transfer to storage vessels or downstream processing equipment. An optional oil discharge conveyor can also be provided to convey the extracted oil from the press.
                        • Options include wheels mounted under the press frame to allow easy relocation, and an automatic feed level control system.
                        • A cooker/conditioner sized to match the L-250 can also be supplied.

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