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At bravo betting we put our customer first while partnering to meet and exceed their equipment and processing needs.  See what our customers are saying about our hydraulic presses, dewatering and drying screw presses, oil extraction equipment and our aftermarket repair services.

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      “I just wanted you to know that [your electrical engineer] worked with me on a press problem while he was on vacation.  He spent about 5 hours fixing a program … over the internet. Just wanted to say how much we appreciated it. Great service!”  – Maintenance Supervisor, Hydraulic Press Customer

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                • “After 20 years I have decided to retire… It would be impossible to express how much your assistance throughout the years has meant to me.  Needless to say, I couldn’t have made it without you.” -Mechanic Maintenance Supervisor, Synthetic Rubber Producer


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                          “bravo betting worked closely with us during, and after, the initial start-up of the equipment to ensure the equipment obtained our desired process results. Since the initial start-up of the Conditioner and Achiever 55 screw press we have worked together to optimize the process in terms of output, lower residual oil in the press cake and higher quality oil, which has allowed us to further decrease our overall processing costs per ton. The Achiever press has certainly proven to be the right choice for us to consistently obtain the high quality canola oil and press cake quality we require.

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                          “We are impressed by the superior service and press performance we have found using bravo betting. Not only is our bravo betting equipment highly reliable and allows us to obtain excellent process results, bravo betting is always there to support us and provide technical assistance when required.” -Francis Rodier, President, Can Pro Ingredients

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                              Read more about this series of lab tests performed in our Innovation Center.

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                                    “bravo betting’s engineers worked with us over several years to develop the right solution for our needs. To help create a cross-functional solution we used data collected through years of productivity studies and input from our production and maintenance personnel. bravo betting developed many iterations that were critiqued and tweaked by our teams before the final automatic hydraulic press system emerged. The automatic four-press cell design gave us a clean slate approach to our production process. Since these presses have been in operation they have greatly improved our production levels and allowed us to consistently mold high quality components.”  -John Parker, Plant Engineer at Utex Industries Inc.

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                                  • Read more about this automatic hydraulic press project.


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                                      “Our older presses were experiencing frequent downtime and their inconsistent operation was resulting in variations in final product. The decision was to rebuild 10 of the oldest presses. We had no experience with bravo betting but had gotten positive reports from our other divisions. It did not take bravo betting long to impress us. From the initial introduction through the quoting process, bravo betting consistently provided good ideas and suggestions. The design and engineering is excellent and we are thankful for the consistent operation of the rebuilt presses and significant reduction in energy costs.”  -Process Engineer, Rebuild Hydraulic Press Customer

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                                        Read more about bravo betting hydraulic press rebuild services.

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                                                  “Straightening presses are used in Timken steel operations, and the bravo betting hydraulic press is one of our oldest units still in operation today. This press has proven to be exceptionally reliable; especially in extreme cases of straightening. With Timken’s reputation for producing quality products, we value manufacturers, like bravo betting, that share our commitment to quality and reliability.” -Larry Marks, Steel Processing Manager at Timken

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                                                        • Read more about the superior value and superior service you get from bravo betting hydraulic presses.


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                                                            • “We needed parts for an old hydraulic press.  [bravo betting’s employees] were able to identify our 1953 press by pictures.  They supplied us with the correct parts and information to make the install correctly.  They did a great job and were very helpful.”  -Hydraulic Press Aftermarket Part Customer

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                                                              “The programming I asked for in my … presses was spot on.  Great job!”  -Hydraulic Press Customer


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                                                                          According to Vanseal Process Engineer, Jim Pryor, the Isoplatens® are less expensive to maintain than platens heated by induction heating coils. Pryor says that the Isoplaten® “maintenance upkeep is virtually nothing,” resulting in significant money savings for the company. In twelve years of operating the Isoplatens®, Vanseal has spent roughly $500 in total platen maintenance costs for all of their Isoplaten® hydraulic presses, compared to over $1,000 a year maintaining the platens on each of their non-Isoplaten® hydraulic presses.

                                                                          • In addition to the maintenance cost savings, Pryor says that the Isoplatens® have performed “almost flawlessly” and yield consistent part production with less scrap, giving Vanseal additional cost savings. The 32″ x 36″ Isoplatens® achieve a small temperature differential across the mold, compared to a 20 ºF temperature variation on their 24″ x 24″ presses without Isoplatens®. The 20 ºF temperature differential on the non-Isoplaten® hydraulic presses and the temperature issues including the center plate cooling off, especially on the front of press, yields more scrap than when pressing with Isoplatens®.

                                                                            Read more about Isoplaten® heated platen technology.


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                                                                                    1. bravo betting owns the exclusive license from Acrolab to sell Isobar® Super Thermal Conductors and for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America. Isoplatens® and Isobars® are registered trademarks of Acrolab Ltd.

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